Adaptable Workholding System
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  • Introducing A New Revolutionary Workholding SystemThe Blue Photon Gripper is your solution to difficult workholding challenges
  • Complete Parts in ONE Load with 6 Sided Machine AccessAdhesive workholding simplifies your fixtures and maximizes your machine capabilities
  • Blue Photon Utilizes UV Light to Bond & GripHands free curing elements with reusable patented grippers
  • Blue Photon Holds Complex Castings without DistortionClamps, hydraulics and cast in lugs can be a thing of the past
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BlueGrip adhesive
Our adhesive has been designed specifically to work with the Blue Photon Gripper and provides easy clean up with consistent gap filling.
BlueGrip Workholding Adhesive

Blue Photon Workholding Gripperssave time & money
See how the Blue Photon System can save you considerable time and money by eliminating the common causes of scrap related to workholding. Labor savings are also realized by simplifying part loading through common fixtures, regardless of part shape. Click on the icon to the left to see a comparison of traditional workholding versus the Blue Photon Workholding System.

The Blue Photon Workholding System
the blue photon system
Your Solution to Difficult Workholding Challenges

  • Grip on Demand
  • Holds Complex Part Shapes
  • Holds Delicate Parts without Distortion
  • Holds Engineered Materials
  • Suitable for Prototype Parts & Production
  • Ensures Production Savings
  • Holds Ceramic Parts
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Blue Photon YouTube VideosThe Blue Photon Workholding system simplifies your fixturing of all types of parts and materials. Complex part shapes are now simple to hold.. more videos